Choosing Carpet to Match Your Lifestyle

When you go out to select a carpet for your home you’ll have to consider a number of technical as well as aesthetic issues. Since the carpet industry launches hundreds of new designs, colors and types of carpeting each year, choosing the right carpeting for your lifestyle can be challenging.

With all the textures, types, designs, patterns and colors available, each needs to blend with the interior design of the home as well as help create a statement of the homeowners’ personal style. The use of color, texture or pattern will set the tone for a casual or formal environment and can bring continuity or contrast to the overall look of your rooms.

One of most important elements to consider when looking for carpeting is how much traffic will the carpet be subjected to. The type (construction) and texture of the carpet are key factors for each room and the amount of use it will get.

Take a few minutes to learn a little about the types of carpeting available to you and make the task of choosing the right carpet a little bit easier.

The fibers most widely used in today’s carpet industry are polyester, nylon and olefin or a combination of these. Each one has qualities that are ideal for specific applications.

Nylon is perhaps the most resilient and the softest fiber, it is also the most expensive, but will work well in any room, even those with high traffic volumes.

Polyester is less expensive than nylon and less resilient, it has a higher resistance to staining, so would be great in the dining room and bedroom where the traffic flow will be considerably less.

Olefin is made from polyethylene or polypropylene and is dyed in such a way that allows for easy cleaning, even with a water/bleach solution, without color loss. It’s also resistant to fading, mold and mildew so an olefin carpet can be used both indoors and out. However, it is less resilient to heavy traffic so if you need to put it in an area that will be walked on a great deal, consider an olefin carpet of Berber construction.

All of these fibers come in carpets of Berber or plush construction. The construction of plush carpets involves strands that stand upright because the loops have been sheared off. Berber carpets, on the other hand, have consistently level pile. There are some other differences between Berber and plush that you should know about.

Berber carpets tend to have a harder texture and are not as not as comfortable to walk, sit or lie on, but they don’t matt up or get crushed as easily, although pets with long nails can damage these carpets more easily. They are great for heavy traffic areas, entrance halls and living rooms but not as nice in the bedroom.

Plush carpets offer good sound insulation, are warmer and softer to walk, sit or lie on but they do crush and matt up more easily if used in heavy traffic areas. However using a plush carpeting made of nylon can help reduce the amount of crushing because of its tight construction and low pile.

There is much more to learn about the different elements of carpeting, so talk to the lovely people at Best Carpet Value for a complete explanation, so that the money you spend will buy exactly the carpet you need for your lifestyle.

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