faux stone siding

Omaha Homeowners Are Falling In Love With Faux Stone Siding

old-vs-new-889695-mFaux stone, or stone veneer, as it is also called, is already a popular material for interior and exterior decorating and as Omaha siding companies already know, it’s increasingly in demand as siding. Stone is a material which has an elegant look and speaks of quality craftsmanship ñ and newer stone veneer siding looks so much like the real thing that it can be nearly impossible to tell the difference.

Stone is a great material, but as you would expect, it’s also incredibly heavy. Obviously, you can’t just put real stone siding on most homes, since they’re not designed to support the weight. To even put up real stone as siding in the first place, you’d need to install a base which could handle it and that makes it even less likely that the structure of the home could support it.

Fortunately, there’s no need to test the limits of your home’s structural integrity. Faux stone siding, homeowners have discovered, can look every bit as good as natural stone at a fraction of the price and just as importantly, a fraction of the weight. This isn’t your father’s unattractive faux stone (think Formstone). This is a durable, non-combustible material which has an attractive, timeless look that can increase the value of any home.

Better still, the better siding companies offer faux stone siding in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can create any look you want for your home, whether you’d like a smooth river stone look or a rougher, more rustic look. Basically, any look that can be done in stone can be done much easier, quicker and at a dramatically lower cost using manufactured stone veneer. It’s not something that will go out of style in a few years and will add value to your home for as long as it stays standing.

Properly installed and sealed faux stone siding is also durable enough to stand up to the cold and heat of the Midwest winters and summers and keep its great looks for decades to come. With its combination of aesthetic appeal, durability and attractive price, it’s easy to see why when it comes to siding, residents are choosing manufactured stone veneer over natural stone for their homes. People have been using stone to build homes for thousands of years now and stone (and faux stone) is a look which remains popular to this day for one simple reason: it’s a classic look.