Getting the Pool You Want for Less

Having your own swimming pool may be a dream you thought couldn’t come true because of the expense. A traditional concrete pool is quite expensive but that is not the only option. Fibreglass pools cost much less. An even better way to go is to get one of the fibreglass pool kits that are available.

Kits come with everything you need in one package and are priced lower than buying each item separately. This alone will save a substantial amount of money. Compared to a concrete pool, the savings is in the thousands.

Besides the pool shell, kits include two pool returns, a skimmer box, a vacuum plate, a 1HP pump, a Crystal Clear filter, a handover kit and a self cleaning chlorinator. Your kit can include extra options should you want something that isn’t included in the basic kit.

The kits contain more than the shell and necessary parts. They also include such things as a list of the necessary tools, plan for the digging and screeding, an example of a council plan and an engineering drawing so you can make a council application correctly on your own, a sheet that gives advice on what to do and what not to do, helpful tips that include photos, and a supply list of things you will need to buy that are not included in the kit.

When you compare prices, it becomes quickly apparent that Brisbane fibreglass pool kits save a lot of expense over buying the items separately or contracting for a concrete pool. Money isn’t the only savings you will see when you buy a kit. Time will also be saved. Not only are fibreglass pools faster to install, the fibreglass pool kits save time in the buying process since you only need to choose the fibreglass pool kit you want rather than choose the shell and all the parts individually. So get a kit to save money and time.

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